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Saturday & Sunday
8:30 am – 2:00 pm
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Come join the fun! Here’s everything you need to know to enjoy free childcare at PRO Club. If we’ve missed your question, we’re always happy to assist.

What ages are allowed to play at Kids Zone?

Toddler Town: Is designated for children 6 months to 3 years of age. Children may be checked in for up to two hours of play per day.

Explorers: Is designated for children 3 years to 8 years of age. Children may be check in for up to two hours of play per day. Children who enter this room must be fully toilet trained.

What hours is Kids Zone open?
Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
How long can my child be checked in at Kids Zone?
Children may be checked in at Kids Zone for up to two hours per day. Children are limited to one visit per day per child.
Does a Parent/Guardian need to be onsite at PRO Club while my child is checked in at Kids Zone?
Yes. A Parent/Guardian must remain onsite at PRO Club Bellevue facility in order for their child to be checked in at Kids Zone.
Do all members and membership types have access to complimentary child care at Kids Zone?
Kids Zone is a complimentary amenity for PRO Club Family Memberships. At least one parent/guardian of child must have a Family Membership in order to check their child in to Kids Zone.
How do I arrange access for my child(ren) to use Kids Zone?

First, Parents/Guardians will need to establish a Kidcheck account online at or via the mobile app. Kidcheck is a universal check-in system used at multiple childcare facilities. Once you have your account created, you may securely check your child(ren) into Kids Zone.

There are two types of KidCheck accounts.

  1. A KidCheck Login Account: This is an account created online via or via the mobile app.

    It includes a username and password. KidCheck allows parents to actively manage their account information including photos, child information, allergy or medical information, authorized/unauthorized guardians, and preferences. Once you have created a login account, you have the ability to securely access, manage and change your information at any time from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. PRO Club recommends parents/guardians create a login prior to checking children in for their first time. This will ensure a quick and easy first check-in by simply requiring your 10 digit phone number at the check-in station. At this time parents will also be asked to register their PRO Club membership card to become their keytag for KidCheck.

  2. A KidCheck Guardian Account: This is an account created from a check-in station that does not have a username and password.

    When a parent/guardian creates their account at a check-in station the first time they check in, it will ask for basic information about your children (name, birth date, sex, allergies). It will not allow upload of photos or guardian management. KidCheck will automatically send an email to you requesting that you complete your account from home to provide the benefits of a full login (with username and password).

How do I check my child in to Kids Zone?

You will first need to create a KidCheck account with your 10 digit phone number or you may scan your PRO Club membership card.

If you do not have a KidCheck account, you will need to select the "I do not have a KidCheck account" link on the check-in screen. Parents will be asked to enter their first and last name, a phone number, email address and their children's information. Since this only creates a guardian account and not a login account (with username and password), it is especially important that parent's put in an email address. KidCheck will automatically send the parent an email so they can complete their account and add their additional information including a username and password.

Should parents set up one-combined account or a separate account for each parent?
In KidCheck, each parent/guardian has their own account linked with their phone number. In a typical family setup, one parent will create a login account (account with a username and password), add their children, and add their spouse as an Authorized Guardian. This creates a Guardian Account for the second parent which can be used to check-in/out children. The Guardian Account may also later be expanded to include a username and password.
What is a keytag and how do they work?

Members of PRO Club will use their membership card as their keytag for KidCheck. This will allow guardians to quickly scan their keytag at check in rather than typing in their 10 digit phone number.

Check-out can also be accomplished by guardian's scanning their membership card.

How do I register my PRO Club membership card as my keytag for KidCheck?
When a parent or guardian checks children in to Kids Zone for the first time they will be asked for their PRO Club membership card. The guardian’s account will be pulled up by using their 10 digit phone number and their membership card will then be scanned and registered into the KidCheck system under the guardian's account. The guardian will then be able to scan their membership card at the check-in screen to access their account, rather than typing their telephone number.
Who is able to drop my child off/pick my child up at Kids Zone?
Parents or guardians of the child are able to register authorized and unauthorized guardian names to their KidCheck account. Kids Zone employees will verify in the "Admin Console" link if they are registered as a guardian of the child and will require a driver's license as proof of identification. Once they have been verified on the guardian list, Kids Zone employee will select their name from the "Child Check Out" field and choose "Finish." Check-out is then complete.
How do I check my child out at Kids Zone?

In order to maintain a high level of security, parents may have their PRO Club membership card scanned (membership card must have previously been registered as their keytag), or they may have the Kids Zone employee, at the check in desk, enter their ten digit telephone number in order to check their child out of Kids Zone.

The parent or guardian who checked their child in at Kids Zone must be the same parent or guardian who checks them out of Kids Zone that day.

How will Parents or Guardians receive notifications from Kids Zone?
Parents/Guardians must enable text messaging on their cellular telephone in order to receive notifications and messages from Kids Zone.
What notifications will Parents or Guardians receive while child is at Kids Zone?

Parents or Guardians will be alerted ten minutes prior to their child's two hour maximum stay at Kids Zone. Parents/Guardians acknowledge that they will stop what they are doing and come pick up their child from Kids Zone on time.

Parents or Guardians will be alerted if the following occurs at Kids Zone:

  • Child needs a diaper change
  • Child needs to use the restroom
  • Child shows symptoms of illness
  • Child is inconsolable or child is not adhering to Kids Zone Rules

Parent/Guardian acknowledges that they will stop what they are doing and come pick up their child from Kids Zone in the event of these circumstances.

Parent/Guardian is allowed to bring their child back into Kids Zone if they are within their daily two hour window of playtime unless child is sick, inconsolable, or misbehaving. If child is sick, inconsolable or misbehaving, Parent/Guardian will be asked to remove child from Kids Zone for the day.

If parent or guardian will be returning to Kids Zone they will be asked to acknowledge that they are temporarily checking their child out of Kids Zone by signing a temporary checkout list at the check in desk.

What happens if Parent or Guardian does not respond to Kids Zone notifications?
If Parent/Guardian does not respond to notifications or messages from Kids Zone, Kids Zone reserves the right to move Parent/Guardian's child to Discovery Bay where Parent/Guardian will then pay Discovery Bay rates (varies depending on age of child) for child care. Kids Zone Cast will document offenses and a three strike rule will be implemented. If parent/guardian reaches three offenses they will no longer reserve the right to drop their children at Kids Zone.
What is my child is inconsolable during their play time at Kids Zone?
Parent or guardian of the child will be paged via text message on their cell phone if their child is inconsolable during at point in their playtime. Parents will need to come pick up their child to make sure they are ok. Parents will be able to drop their child back off at Kid's Zone as long as the child is consoled and able to return to a group setting and they are within their window of two hours of play time per day.
Shoes, bare feet, or socks?
Socks! To provide guests with a safe and clean environment, socks are required in both rooms of Kids Zone.
What if we forgot our socks?
Socks will be available for purchase at the PRO Shop.
Do you offer cubbies for child's belongings?
Cubbies are provided for your child's shoes and belongings in Kids Zone. Due to the large number of identical children's clothing, we ask that you label your child's belongings with his/her full name. Always bring an extra set of clothes with your child if they are not toilet trained.
Will we need to sign a waiver?
No, the membership waiver extends to Kids Zone.
Acknowledgment of Terms and Conditions.
Parent or Guardian acknowledges that they will adhere to the Terms and Conditions that are presented upon first registration via KidCheck.
Can I make a reservation to play at Kids Zone?
Kids Zone is a first come first served play center and there may be times that we are at full capacity and usage is not guaranteed.
Can I bring food and drink into Kids Zone?
No food, drink or gum is not allowed in our Kids Zone play center.
How does Kids Zone set the standards for cleanliness in children's indoor play?
The cleanliness and safety of our facility is a top priority. On a daily basis our Cast will thoroughly clean and sanitize our facility to ensure our play center is free of dirt, dust, and bio-hazardous particles.
Are the staff at Kids Zone are CPR and first aid certified?
All staff working in Kids Zone are CPR and first aid certified.
What is your sick policy?

Disease and illness can often be shared and are easily spread in a program setting due to the large number of children in this age range spending hours together in one place every day. Even with appropriate hygiene practiced regularly, both at home and at PRO Club, illness can spread. In order to ensure a much healthier environment for all children, you and/or your child may not enter our facility if experiencing the following:

  • Fever: children with a fever will be excluded from care for the remainder of the day and the following day until they have been free from a fever for at least 24 hours.
  • Active vomiting: Any child who experiences vomiting will be excluded from our care for the day and until they have been free from their symptoms for 24 hours.
  • Active diarrhea: If a child has loose stools they are asked to stay home for the day they occur and 24 hours after the diarrhea has been stabilized.
  • Eye discharge/Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis: Any child having drainage or pink eye will be excluded from our care until they have been seen by a physician and treated for 24 hours prior to returning.
  • Head Lice: Any children suspected of diagnosed with lice will be excluded from our care until two treatments of RID, KWELL, etc., have been applied. We also require parents to wash all the child's belongings before returning to our facility.
  • Respiratory or Nasal Drainage: Any child having symptoms of a respiratory infection (green-yellow mucus, watery eyes, congestion, etc.), will be excluded from our care.
  • Severe or Progressive Coughing: Any child with severe or prolonged coughing will be excluded from attending our programs at our discretion.
  • Skin Rash/Lesions/Diaper Rash: Any child having an undiagnosed rash or lesion will be excluded from our care until diagnosed or treated as necessary.
  • Communicable Diseases: Any child having symptoms of a known communicable disease will be excluded from our care. If the illness requires antibiotics, they must be treated 24 hours prior to returning. Communicable diseases include:
    • Strep Throat
    • Chicken Pox
    • Measles
    • Bacterial Meningitis
    • Diphtheria
    • Hepatitis
    • Pneumonia
    • Mumps
    • Rubella
What if there is a major emergency?
In the event of a life-threatening or major emergency to a child in our care, one staff member will remain with the injured or ill child while another calls 9-1-1. The child's parent will be found and notified as soon as 9-1-1 has been contacted. Transportation to a proper care facility will be arranged through a rescue team or the child's parent.
What is the difference between Kids Zone and Discovery Bay child care?

Kids Zone is a non-licensed supervised play area for children between 6 months and 8 years of age. Kids Zone is a complimentary amenity to members who have family memberships at PRO Club. Kids Zone availability is on a first come first serve basis and cannot be guaranteed due to capacity restraints.

Discovery Bay is a fully licensed childcare program that serves children between the ages of 6 weeks and 8 years of age. This is a great option for families that need to go off-site or need care for a longer duration of time. Children can attend for up to 10 hours and we provide a full range of services from basic care to fun and exciting activities to meet children’s needs throughout the day. Space is limited and advanced reservations are recommended to guarantee availability.

Why do I have to pay for Discovery Bay and not Kids Zone?
Kids Zone is a complimentary amenity to members who have family memberships at PRO Club. Kids Zone is designed to support members in reaching their fitness goals by providing a safe, supervised play space for children while parents work out. As a licensed facility, Discovery Bay must meet all Washington State childcare licensing requirements. These requirements are designed to create a high quality environment for children who will be in care for longer periods of time versus being in care for a short period of supervised play. This ensures that children’s basic needs are met and also that they have opportunities to participate in enriching learning experiences. Fees collected for this extra level of service help cover the cost of providing this care.
If Kids Zone is not licensed, then is it safe to leave my children?
Yes, Kids Zone is supervised by well-trained employees who are CPR certified.
What if I’m having a club service such as a massage, personal training or physical therapy appointment and I get paged because my child has to use the restroom?
If you get paged while you are having a club service you will need to leave your club service to bring your child to the restroom. We recommend that you inform your service provider prior to beginning your service that you have a child checked in at Kids Zone and will need to respond to alerts in the event you are paged. If you prefer to not be interrupted during your club service you will need to make a reservation for your child in Discovery Bay during operating hours.
If I use Willows Road, CrossFit or the Soccer Arena, may I leave my child at Kids Zone?
If your child is checked in at Kids Zone you will need to remain onsite at our Bellevue facility.